What’s New with Bleeding Heart Project?


Hey Guys,

Yes, it has been a while, I’ve been doing a lot of things in the background and now it’s time to share it with you! We have officially filed for our 501C3 status. Sorry for the lack of posts but we have truly been working to make sure we get our message to the masses so this meant a lot of work in the background!

Hearth Health Awareness month is almost here so you know what that means, we will begin planning for our 2014 event. If you are interested in volunteering or being apart of this event e-mail info@bleedingheartproject.org

We are looking for survival stories! If you are a person who is currently suffering from heart issues or you lost someone to this disease (we are especially looking for individuals 45 and under) please e-mail us info@bleedingheartproject.org

Lastly, we are looking for people to be in our 2014 campaign! We need male and female (all sizes) to represent the Bleeding Heart Project 2014 Campaign.  If you believe in this cause and then we need you, e-mail us at info@bleedingheartproject.org

That’s it for now but we have so much more news coming up…Stay Tuned!

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The Beautiful Workout Jam Part 2 is Back!


It’s that time again… time for the Beautiful Workout Jam pt. 2 hosted by Beautiful In Your Skin. If you missed the first one then you don’t want to miss this, come out for an afternoon of workouts, vendors and fun. Tickets are only $12 and can be purchased here. Of course Bleeding Heart Project will be in the house providing heart health information get your tickets today!478284_10151641267912533_769432652_o

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March is National Nutrition Month, Don’t Let it Stop There!

March National Nutrion Month


I know March is almost over, I’ve been extremely busy but I wanted to stop in and talk to you guys about some things! I realize National Nutrition Month is almost over,  but don’t let that stop you from eating health diet! While I know this is no easy task, believe me when I say small changes will make the difference.


A few weeks ago, I purchased a Nutribullet and it is nothing short of amazing. I’ve eaten more fruits and vegetables this week than I’ve had all year. I’ve also increased my spinach and green intake. Almost immediately, I noticed that I had a lot more energy and felt lighter. Again start off taking baby steps, in no means have I perfected my diet but I’m working on it.IMG_2006I won’t sit here and preach to you about eating better to improve your health, you already know that. I too often struggle with making the right decisions when it comes to my health but I’m trying. I talk about my weight loss struggle over at Swa-Rai, you can check out that story here.

If you have any tips, feel free to share them. It’s our responsibility to help our fellow man out. I will work on updating the blog at least twice a month, in the meantime we are always sharing tips on our Facebook page here.

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Quaker’s February Heart Health Month Initiatives

By now, you guys already know how much heart disease has affected not only me but my family! Since, I suffer from Heart Disease it is my duty to not only spread the word about awareness but to make sure I’m keeping myself healthy! I have a small child so it’s very important to me that I take care of my heart so I can be here to see him grow!

Here, I am at our Go Red Party a few weeks ago!


We all know that February is Heart Health Awareness Month! I was even happier to know that Quaker Oats supports this effort with their, Quaker’s February Heart Health Month initiatives!

Quaker Oats Logo

Quaker Oats started these initiatives to energize and inspire women to take care of their hearts! They even teamed up with chef Fabio Viviani to encourage women to start their day with a heart healthy breakfast! Check out his video below!

Inspiration huh…
Quaker Oats is also currently hosting a Epic Hot Breakfast Twitter Sweepstakes! It’s easy to enter, All you have to do is watch Quaker’s Epic Hot Breakfast video above then share it on Twitter and using the hashtag #QuakerLove between February 14 through 28. One lucky winner and guest will win get away for a few days, while enjoying spa treatments, and dine at Siena Tavern in Chicago.
At the end of the month, 15 participants will also be chosen randomly to receive an “Ultimate Hot Breakfast” prize pack complete with Quaker Oats, signed items from Fabio Viviani, and additional items to help start your day.

Quaker Oats is also hosting a Quaker Heart Health Twitter party, taking place on Tuesday 2/19 from 8-9 PM EST. The party will be hosted by @ResourcefulMom and @FabioViviani will be the celebrity guest! The hashtag for the Twitter Party will be #QuakerHearts. RSVP here!

To Learn More about Quaker Oats check out the links below:

·         Web Facebook Twitter YouTube Google+

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.


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Reasons Why You Should Go Red and Pay Attention to Your Heart!!!!

It is that time of year again, to wear your red in support of continued research for Heart Disease.  Heart disease is the #1 killer African-American women, it is deadlier than any of the cancers combined.  The problem is that most people will make the decision to live healthier lives, only after they have had more than one emergency trip to the hospital, due to heart related issues.  That doesn’t have to be you.  You can start now, with living a better life.  The thing that separates African-American women from the others, is our intake of salt. Diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, physical inactivity, obesity and a family history of heart disease are all greatly prevalent among African Americans and are major risk factors for heart disease and stroke. What’s more, African American women have almost two times the risk of stroke than Caucasians, and more likely to die at an earlier age when compared to women of other ethnicities. Here are a few unsettling stats:

  • Cardiovascular diseases kill nearly 20,000 African American women annually.
  • Of African-American women ages 20 and older, 49 percent have heart diseases.
  • Only 1 in 5 African American women believes she is personally at risk.
  • Only 52 percent of African American women are aware of the signs and symptoms of a heart attack.
  • Only 36 percent of African American women know that heart disease is their greatest health risk. (American Heart Association)

Your heart is the most important function of the body.  Take better care of it and yourself. Every “beat” counts, so make yours count.

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It’s Back!! Bleeding Heart Project 2nd Annual Heart Health Awareness Event

Bleeding Heart Project is proud to announce we are holding our 2nd Annual Heart Health Awareness Expo/Party at Good Gyrrl Fitness! If you were at our first event then you already know what to expect! A night of heart health awareness and partying for a cause! So get your red ready and come party with us!Bleeding Heart Project

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The New Year means a New Heart…


No better time than the present to jump start your heart rate and your workout.

Tip #1 – Make It Fun and Sustainable – Pick a desired activity such as walking, cycling, running,  and then just consistently commit to one hour per day. The consistency elevates the body’s metabolism and will burn more calories around the clock, not just during exercise.

Tip #2 – Exercise At A Conversational Pace – The bottom line is to keep the heart rate below 80% of its maximum while developing an aerobic foundation and to build upon its capacity. .

Tip #3 – Hydrate Like Water Was The Workout – Drink early and often, long before becoming thirsty and drink all day long. The body is made up of over 60% water.

Tip #4 – Workout With A Partner – The socialization makes the commitment easier, more fun, and helps with staying committed for the long haul.

Tip #5 – Get A Heart Rate Monitor – One can’t know if they are working out at the proper intensity if there is no tachometer on the engine which is the heart. A heart rate monitor provides the feedback to optimize efficiency.

This year make every heart “beat” count.

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Tips for Taking Care of your Heart during Thanksgiving….

It’s Thanksgiving time so that means lots of food and alcoholic beverages…

While we here at Bleeding Heart Project want you to have fun it’s very important that you remember these tips for taking care of your heart during the holiday season!

As we begin preparations for Thanksgiving, it is important that we are consciously aware of our intake of wine.  Too much wine with dinner can trigger abnormal heart rhythms.  This is often referred to as “holiday heart syndrome.” This is when the heart beat is irregular and it beats faster than normal.  The most common type of abnormal heart rhythms is atrial fibrillation, which is when the upper heart chambers quiver instead of contracting regularly, allowing blood to pool inside the heart.  If too much of this occurs, it can cause congestive heart failure or stroke.  If your heart starts racing, stop drinking and sit down.  Try drinking some cold water, it will reset the heart rhythm.

Another important thing to remember is that heavy meals can trigger heart problems.  Salty gravies and stuffing can cause a significant rise in blood pressure, forcing the heart to work overtime.  Everything is about moderation.  You can eat and /or drink, but don’t get crazy with it.  Your family and I need you around, so take care of your heart peeps.

From the Bleeding Heart Project family, we are thankful for your continued support and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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